“Nothing about Article 33.3 CRPD without us!”

Data collection on the involvement of persons with disabilities

According to Article 33.3 UN CRPD Civil society, in particular persons with disabilities and their representative organizations shall be involved and participate fully in the monitoring process of the Convention. Article 4.3 UN CRPD refers to the importance of involving persons with disabilities in all policy – and decision making processes concerning issues relating to their lives. Preamble (o) also emphasizes that persons with disabilities should be actively involved in decision-making processes, policies and programmes, including those directly concerning them.

Referring to the paradigm shift and to the slogan “Nothing about us without us!” the effective and active involvement of persons with disabilities should be considered as one of the key elements of successful implementation of the CRPD. Most Member States are still in the process of establishing their Article 33.2 framework to promote, protect and monitor the implementation of the CRPD therefore it is very important to ensure the participation of DPOs from the very first stage. Our knowledge is very limited on what kind of initiatives or good practices are taking place in the Member States in order to provide active involvement instead of formal consultations for persons with disabilities.

The aim of this research is to collect qualitative data directly from members of the disability movement on the current National level participation and to explore key elements of effective and active involvement.

Keeping in mind that no one, but persons with disabilities can contribute the best in designing indicators which could measure effectiveness of their participation, the concept and structure of the questionnaire was developed in an inclusive way in close consultation with the disability movement. The questionnaire is now open to answer until 29 June 2012. The study which will analyze contribution received from members of the disability movement could be useful in terms of exchanging experiences on good practices and also to discover common struggles and gaps in the National level involvement.

The questionnaire is available on the website of the European Disability Forum: http://www.edf-feph.org/Page_Generale.asp?DocID=13854&thebloc=30214

If you feel your voice should be taken into account, please answer the questionnaire and send it back to one of the following e-mail addresses by 29 June:


Thank you for your cooperation.