Zero Project

""In January I had the privilege of attending the Zero Project’s International Conference on Good Policies for Persons with Disabilities in Vienna, Austria. The conference was an amazing success. Not only were the discussions and presentations inspirational, the facilities and amenities were outstanding. I personally got the fantastic opportunity to connect with people doing some excellent research, Anna Lawson, and advocacy work, Colin Low.

The Zero Project has recently put forward nominations for outstanding policies and examples of good practices under the principles of the UN CRPD right of persons with disabilities to work. I encourage everyone to please make their contribution to this effort.

Thanks to the Essl Foundation and the World Future Council for facilitating such a phenomenal initiative!


AEGIS Workshop and Conference

""The AEGIS Workshop and Conference “Accessibility Reaching Everywhere” on 28-29-30 November 2011 in Brussels, Belgium offered an excellent platform to bring together beneficiaries, accessibility experts, policy makers, researchers and related eInclusion projects. Many of you participated, and contributed to the success of the event.

We have covered these 3 days via our various social media channels (the links you will find below), ensuring that also those that could not physically participate, could follow us online in real time, while also ensuring that all those that did participate can now track back the interesting presentations, the papers and the many pictures.

The links to follow are:

Please note that the video recorded sessions will be released in the course of 2012.