Sociology in an Age of Austerity

Annual Conference 2012 Sociology in an Age of Austerity


The theme for the 2012 Annual Conference is: Sociology in an Age of Austerity.  The conference will take place at the University of Leeds, from 11-13 April 2012.

The 2012 annual conference promises to be dynamic, informative, inspiring and is definitely not to be missed.  Bettering our 60th anniversary conference this year will be a challenge, but we’re determined we can make it happen – starting with our world-renowned keynote speakers.

Stephen Ackroyd – Esteemed UK sociologist renowned for his work on organisational analysis

  • Zygmunt Bauman – World-famous Polish sociologist and author of over 50 books including Liquid Modernity
  • Rosemary Batt – Acclaimed US Professor of Women and Work and international specialist on call centres
  • Michael Buroway – Highly respected Berkley-based British sociologist best known in the UK as the leading proponent of public sociology
  • John Brewer – President of the British Sociological Association and renowned specialist on peace processes

Our themes are deliberately broad and all-encompassing, designed to appeal to the entire spectrum of sociologists and stimulate lively debate. We’re assessing the impact of austerity on law, families, education, healthcare, research, and much more. You are at the heart of the discipline. Your voice is important. Join the finest scholars from across the globe to lead the debate. Policy makers are coming to hear what you – the people with real experience – have to say.

Who should attend?

  • Senior academics looking to engage in a lively, stimulating debate with peers and bright new stars.
  • Researchers looking to connect with like-minded colleagues.
  • Teachers looking for new ideas and inspiration.
  • Students looking and learn from experts and Postgraduates looking to present and get ideas on their research.
  • Policy-makers looking for scientific facts to back or steer their ideas or to develop new directions in policy.
  • Anyone looking to engage with the wider sociological community.

The aims of this conference are: to showcase the latest sociological research; to attract a concentration of international specialists in our major research fields; to provide a forum in which to discuss the teaching of sociology and the professional practice of being a sociologist; and to facilitate debate, networking and professional development opportunities.

The BSA annual conference is the primary annual conference for sociology in the UK with opportunities for everyone connected to the discipline.

See you there in 2012 and every year!