Zero Project 2014 – Accessibility: Call for nomination of Innovative Policy and Practice

The Zero Project´s mission is to support the rights of persons with disabilities, as stated in the UN Convention adopted on 13 December 2006. Its main activity is to research the most outstanding Innovative Practices and Innovative Policies worldwide by engaging leading experts in the nomination and evaluation process. The selected practices and policies will be presented in the Zero Project Report, on its website and at the Zero Project Conference.

The Zero Project’s research is based, among others, on nominations of both Innovative Practice and Innovative Policy that address the issue of accessibility and persons with disabilities.  Their approach to accessibility is in accordance with Article 9 of the UNCRPD and covers the areas of built environment, access to information and communication, transport, products and services and several others.

The Zero Project will welcome any contributions of Nominations of Innovative Practices and Policies by any person or organization that is interested.

Here is a link to the documents on the Nomination of Innovative Practices and Policies

The procedure that follows the receipt of the nomination is described on the website as well. The deadline to submit nominations is the 19th of August 2013.