Summertime and the DREAMin’ is easy…

picture of the beachAfter a lovely, unannounced summer holiday, I am pleased to say that the reinvigorated contributors to the DREAM blog will be posting several exciting new articles in the coming weeks!

Stay tuned for posts about…

  • The role of Impact Assessments in policy and research
  • The 2012 Horizon report: education, disability, and the role of technology
  • the DREAM library
  • DREAM research publication and presentation announcements
  • upcoming DREAM events
  • as well as posts from guest bloggers from around the world

I hope everyone had a delightful summer! Thank you for your support, and if you haven’t done so, please Like our Facebook page and share our posts!

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About G. Anthony Giannoumis

Giannoumis is a Temple University College of Health Professions M.P.H. graduate. He was awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship with the Norwegian Social Research Institute (NOVA) and is currently researching the monitoring, implementation, and enforcement of eAccessibility law and policy at the EU Member State level. He is also conducting international health research with The Guru Charitable Foundation, and World Hope Inc. In addition he has conducted research in partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s National Program Office for Public Health Law Research, Fox Chase Cancer Center, and The Pennsylvania State University. His research experience includes eAccessibility and eInclusion policy, stress and dementia caregivers, international health services, international health and public policy, knowledge translation, health care workforce and education policy, and U.S. public health law. Giannoumis has previously worked for Temple University Beasley School of Law, Citigroup and The Pennsylvania State House of Representatives. He has also worked on projects related to social media and public health, cancer disparities, and nursing accreditation. Giannoumis received his B.S. in business from Shepherd University.

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