Welfare States Facing Global Turbulence, Ageing and Migration

2012 Annual RC 19 Conference, Oslo, Norway

Invitation and Call for Papers


Welfare States Facing Global Turbulence, Ageing and Migration

Rising to the Occasion, Coping or Adjusting Downwards?

23-25 August, 2012

The annual conference of Research Committee 19 in the International Sociological Association will be hosted by NOVA in 2012.

NOVA – the Norwegian Social Research Institute– is delighted to invite you to the 2012 RC19 annual conference in Oslo. The organizers invite theoretical and empirical papers on poverty, social welfare and social policy (www.isa-sociology.org/rc19.htm).

The conference’s main theme is the impact of global interdependencies, demographic change, migration flows and the ways in which welfare states are responding to these challenges. This thematic profile means that the organizers in particular welcome papers dealing with these issues:

How are welfare states meeting the increasing global economic turbulence?

To what extent do the governments’ adjustments follow recommendations or requirements of transnational organizations?

How do different welfare societies deal with the rising care needs related to ageing and what consequences do these responses have?

How does the meeting of care needs reinforce global care-chains and highlight migration’s gendered consequences both in sending and receiving countries?

Are perceived challenges created by migration and accommodation to diversity influencing public opinion and the electoral support for migration policies and/or redistributive welfare arrangements?

The greater part of the conference will be parallel paper-based sessions, adopting the so-called “Korpi Rules” where the discussant – not the author – is giving a summary of the paper.


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