Call for applications for participation in a Doctoral School in Disability Research

DisABILITY MUNDUS is a doctoral school, organized in conjunction with the ALTER European Association on Disability Research (AESDR) and Disability Studies in the Netherlands (DSiN) and intended to support research efforts on disability with a focus on the European continent. The school is targeted towards doctoral scholars, including pre-doctoral and post-doctoral, who wish to share their research ideas and projects with senior researchers. We will in particular also focus on research efforts in the context of European settings, including research that focuses on human rights, societal innovations, and critical issues that pertain to culture and society. Four axes of research have retained in particular the interest of disABILITY MUNDUS: (1) the socialization and articulation of people as disabled, as a result of interfaces with the provisions and procedures of contemporary societies; (2) the making of public space in the contexts of cities; (3) the intersections of disability with other significant phenomena (such as migration, sexuality); and (4) the impact of technology. The program will allocate time towards formal sessions, focused discussions, and networking. The conveners endeavor to tailor activities to directly support the doctoral research of the participants.

Call for applications


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