6th European eAccessibility Forum

""e-Accessibility is gaining momentum, as demonstrated by the increase in governmental initiatives and commercial interest in the field. The domain of a few dedicated specialists until a few years ago, it is today a regular preoccupation in the ICT sector.

This achievement must not, however, be overstated. e-Accessibility is still considered a necessary, yet costly, add-on to the development of information systems. Features are optional and developed specifically for disabled users, with no consideration for return on investment. In sum, e-Accessibility is thought to be peripheral to the development of the Information Society.

It is increasingly apparent that by ‘externalizing’ e-accessibility in this way, the sector is significantly hindering progress. From a technical point of view, declining to take accessibility into account from the outset when designing a new device or website will necessarily result in a complex and costly retrofit. From a financial point of view, by focusing on disabled users, decision makers are neglecting to see the greater benefits of e-Accessibility for business and society as a whole. Finally, from a political perspective, society must accept that it is legally and collectively responsible for disability and that accessibility is therefore in everyone’s interest. For all these reasons, integrating e-Accessibility at the core of information systems is a technological, economical and socio-political necessity.

It is in this context that the Institute of e-Accessibility (IAN) is proud to organize the 6th European Forum on e-Accessibility on the theme: “Putting e-Accessibility at the core of information systems”.

Five key areas will be addressed:

  • e-Accessibility at the core of the information process
  • e-Accessibility at the core of the economical understanding of the ICT field
  • e-Accessibility at the core of Web projects
  • e-Accessibility at the core of the publishing processes
  • e-Accessibility at the core of industrial design

This conference will also be an opportunity for disabled users and industry specialists to share their experiences and to promote good practices harmonization.


What do you think?

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